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A Balanced Workout.  A Balanced Body.  A Balanced Life.”

Shannon Scott

For Shannon, being a yoga instructor came as a second career. After 20 years as a professional interior designer she decided it was time to follow her "other" passion and finally teach what she preached. Having a physically active lifestyle has always been important to Shannon. From competitive swimming, skiing and field sports in her youth to aerobic dance in her 20's ( remember leg warmers and headbands?) Finally hitting her srtide in her 30's when she discovered weight training and running. In 2004 at age 38, Shannon ran her first full Marathon. Realizing she was now "addicted" to distance running, she turned to spinning and yoga to balance her workouts. With a husband, three kids and a career, yoga struck a particular cord. Bringing a sense of tranquility, inner focus and strength, yoga was the "missing link" she was looking for. In 2005, she decided to follow the path to becoming an instructor. Yogafit training systems in Hermosa Beach had what she was looking for and she decided to enroll in their comprehensive program. In 2010, she took her training a little farther and became a certified group fitness instructor with AFAA.A Temecula resident since 1993, Shannon loves spending time with her family, freinds and her beloved Great Danes. She loves weekends with her family on the Colorado River, skiing Mammoth in the winters and hiking with her freinds whenever she get a chance. She is an avid cook and loves spending time developing new recipes with her freinds. Always smiling, Shannon has a contagious positive attitude and genuine love of life.

Shannon Scott instructs the following:
  • 30 Minute Spinning
  • You can do anything for 30 minutes! A 30 minute Spinning class is a high intensity workout where you burn more calories in a short space of time than any other forms of regular exercise. If you have limited time and want to make the best use of those precious minutes in a day, then we recommend spinning. On average you can burn anywhere from 350-500 calories in a single 30 minute session depending on how hard you push yourself and the intensity at which you push yourself.