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A Balanced Workout.  A Balanced Body.  A Balanced Life.”


Our studio provides complimentary pilates and yoga mats, however you are welcome to bring your own. Before enrolling in a group Pilates or TRX class, each client will be required to have 3 private or duet classes with an instructor to learn about the equipment and have an understanding of basic movements on the equipment. All classes are either 30 or 55 minutes. All packages are non-refundable. To build your optimal physical health we recommend a minimum two Pilates, TRX or yoga classes per week along with a cardio routine.


Private One on One

metal reformer

Private sessions are perfect for beginners, clients with injuries or special conditions, or those who prefer the privacy of a one on one session. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and goals with time spent on the equipment . There is no prerequisite for private sessions. To schedule your private session please call The Studio at (951)303-9800 or email us at contact@thestudio-pilates.com.


Duet – One on Two

Duet sessions are intended for those students who want to begin their pilates training with a friend or family member. Duet sessions are best suited for clients with similar fitness levels and fitness goals. This is a great solution for clients who would like to workout together and is less expensive than a private lesson. There is no prerequisite for a duet session. To schedule your private session place call The Studio at 951-303-9800 or email us at contact@thestudio-pilates.com.




Pilates Group

Group classes are perfect for students with some pilates experience who enjoy the energy of a group setting. Group classes are comprised of 4-7 people with similar fitness levels and schedule. Students will experience use of the reformer, tower and wunda chair. These classes are designed for students who have had at least 3 prior private classes.



Pilates Circuit Class

Circuit class is designed for a maximum of 7 students. This class can be more challenging and is ever changing. You will move through stations based on time or have higher repetitions utilizing the various pilates apparatus.


Advanced Pilates

Want to take your Pilates workout to a higher level? Want to be pushed out of your comfort zone? If you have already had several months of Pilates training, and are ready for more challenging work, then Advanced Pilates is for you. Ramp up your powerhouse, increase your flexibility and have fun!



Pilates/TRX Fusion

This class is designed to give you the strength training of TRX, the stretching & flexibility of Pilates and the core strength of both. This class is open to 8 people, 4 will begin on TRX and 4 on the pilates equipment for 30 minutes, then switch places for another 30 minute workout. This is a fantastic workout!





TRX Suspension Training

TRX Express Class

Take your training to the next level with this 30 minute express workout that will challenge the entire body. Expect this class to have higher reps and a quicker pace than the private introductory class. Combine with a 30 minute Spinning Class for the ultimate 60 minute workout.






Hatha Yoga - Beginner/Intermediate

This type of yoga inspires us through a blend of yoga styles that complement, support and encourage us to expand and express the inherent beauty within. Using the universal principles of alignment to keep students of all levels safe, the teacher leads the class through a series of asana (poses) focusing on the coordination of breath and movement. class format consists of a 10 minute warm-up, 30 minutes of stregth training, core conditioning, and balance work. Includes a 5 minute cool down with deep stretching and 5 minutes of svasana (guided introspection/relaxation)

*mats, blocks, and straps provided




Our spin program is tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals, it delivers a personalized, calorie-burning, energizing and fun workout, all at a self directed pace.  Our bikes are equipped with on board computers that can track your heart rate, RPM’s, distance and calories burned.

We offer 30 minute and 55 minute classes.